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Back to School Bootcamp

Dr. Simone Moody

In this ADHDKC presentation from July 18, 2023, Dr. Simone Moody helps parents prepare school aged children and teens to resume the school year in the Fall.

Dr. Moody discusses strategies to promote a smooth transition at home, school, and in social settings.

Topics covered include:

  • sleep

  • routines

  • electronic time

  • scheduling activities/time management

  • organizational skills training

  • meeting with teachers

Dr. Moody is a clinical psychologist and the Director of Psychological Services for the ADHD Specialty Clinic at Children’s Mercy.

Resources shared during her talk:

Family Media Plan:

Daily School/Home Report Card:

Children’s Mercy’s Virtual 8-week Parent Behavioral Training Course:




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Disruptive Behavior

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Disruptive Behavior Tools

Cognitive Behavior Tools

If there are problems watching the above video, see the same talk on our YouTube channel:

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